Child And Adolescent Health Associates


513 Washington Street, Watertown , NY - 13601

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Adams Adams Center Black River Carthage Copenhagen Dexter Evans Mills Philadelphia Sackets Harbor

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Dr. Sarwat Abid Kazi M.D.

111 S Mechanic St , Carthage , NY - 13619
Phone: 315-493-9400
Specialty: Pediatrics

Dr. Mostafa El Ghissassi MD

1001 WEST ST CARTHAGE AREA HOSPITAL, Carthage , NY - 13619
Phone: 315-493-9400
Specialty: Pediatrics

Evans Mills

Marlene hajal El-hajal Mouaikel m.d.

26121 US Route 11 Ste 5 , Evans Mills , NY - 13637
Phone: 315-629-1304
Specialty: Pediatrics
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